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Marv Wolfman calls Man and Superman a perfect 'culmination' of the character

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Mar 23, 2019, 5:01 PM EDT

Marvel and DC legend Marv Wolfman created comics on both sides of the big two superhero houses, making things like the vampiric Blade and a massive Crisis on Infinite EarthsHe's been making comics since the '60s and he's still kicking - which is why at this year's C2E2 Wolfman had some new work he wanted to discuss.

SYFY WIRE attended his live stage interview, which featured the creator explaining his new Superman story. Recently, the writer has been tackling Raven and the rest of the Teen Titans, but Man and Superman (which hit stores back on Feb. 6) was a hot topic of conversation. The book has so far had only positive reviews, which have stemmed from his innovative approach to a fallible Clark Kent. He wrote the story back in 2006, but the magazine it was supposed to appear in was cancelled before it went to print.

Wolfman said he thinks this story is his best, since it was a "culmination of everything [he believes] Superman should be" that had the creative freedom to express all his ideas about his favorite superhero. "There's not a word I would change," the writer explained. Wolfman also mentioned that the Bullseye from the Daredevil Netflix show was a great version of the character - which sadly seemed to end before it began.

Wolfman finished the talk by teasing that he has a forthcoming novel - and a few comic projects so early in development that he can't talk about them.

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