Marvel’s Runaways ‘leans more sci-fi than superhero’ says exec producer

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Nov 17, 2017

If you’re familiar with the comics, you’ll know that Marvel’s Runaways didn’t shy away from the super powers honed by the book's group of teenage rebels … and their parents.

Mild spoiler pertaining to Marvel's Runaways series on Hulu below!

But in the upcoming Hulu television adaptation, things will be done slightly differently. Executive producer Josh Schwartz tells Entertainment Weekly that we probably won’t be seeing any dark wizards or telepathic mutants when it comes to members of “the Pride.”

“None of the parents in this version [have powers],” Schwartz explains of their adaptation from the original 2003 Marvel comic — originally created by Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona.

When it comes to the rest of clan – and their abilities, such as using the mystical Staff of One, Schwartz adds: “You’ll get a grounded approach to a lot of these bigger concepts that are explainable through science and technology, but it’s more of a genre show. It leans more sci-fi than superhero.”

We’re not totally mad at this idea. There’s been no shortage of superhero genre stuff when it comes to Marvel’s television imprint. Some good, and some bad (sorry, Inhumans). There has also been some worry among fans that Runaways could suffer the same fate. But it sounds as though Schwartz really has a vision for this one, and we’re excited to see how it plays out.

In fact, we recently got very excited at the new posters that were released last week – which gave a pretty good indicator as to how each of the characters will be using their powers (or lack thereof) on the show.

Are you excited for Marvel’s Runaways? Or are you disappointed that it’s straying from the comics somewhat? Let us know in the comments below.

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