Marvel adds Lewis Tan as Zhou Cheng on Netflix’s Iron Fist

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Oct 11, 2016, 2:51 PM EDT

Marvel’s Iron Fist may have wrapped filming Saturday morning; we still don’t know the identity of the main villain Danny Rand (Finn Jones) will face in the first season of the Netflix series. Besides that weasel Harold Meachum, that is.

There have been rumors that our hero would be going toe to toe with Steel Serpent but we’ve yet to hear any casting news on that front, or even get confirmation that the Marvel villain will even appear on the series. (Please be there, please be there, please be there.)

While the new teaser trailer released during New York Comic Con over the weekend points the finger at Madame Gao (keen eyes will have noticed her in the trailer) and The Hand playing a role, we’re still waiting for a Diamondback, Kilgrave or Kingpin to be a major thorn in Danny’s side, and it looks like that role may go to Zhou Cheng.

Actor, stuntman and martial artist Lewis Tan (Mortal Kombat: Legacy) has revealed via Twitter that he will play the role of Zhou Cheng who, in the pages of the Marvel comics, is a follower of Ch'i-Lin, a mystical beast that kills every versions of the Iron Fist. Tan also revealed that he auditioned for the role of Danny Rand.

Will Zhou Cheng be the major Big Bad of the season? That remains to be seen, but I'm really looking forward to seeing Cheng and Danny come to blows and pull off some exciting kung-fu moves.

Fifteen years after being presumed dead in a plane crash, Danny Rand (Finn Jones) mysteriously returns to New York City determined to reclaim his birthright and family company. However, when a long-destined enemy rises in New York, this living weapon is forced to choose between his family’s legacy and his duties as the Iron Fist.

Iron Fist stars Finn Jones as Danny Rand, Jessica Henwick as Colleen Wing, Tom Pelphrey as Ward Meachum, Jessica Stroup as Joy Meachum and David Wenham as Harold Meachum. All 13 episodes of the Marvel and Netflix series will stream on March 17, 2017.

(via Comic Book Movie)

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