Marvel and Netflix went to Westeros and found their Iron Fist

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Feb 27, 2016, 6:52 PM EST (Updated)

Marvel Studios is known for great casting, but finding an actor to play Danny Rand, aka Iron Fist, was one of the trickiest tasks the TV division of the company has faced thus far. Like Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, he's not a character that many non-comics fans will know very well, and the casting process was further complicated by fans and experts alike arguing that an Asian-American actor should take on the role to better represent the Chinese heritage at work in Rand's story. Now, for better or for worse, Marvel's made its decision.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Finn Jones is set to play Rand in the forthcoming Netflix series, which will enter production sometime soon under showrunner Scott Buck (Dexter). Jones is best known for his role as Loras Tyrell in Game of Thrones.

 Iron Fist will be the fourth Marvel series to enter Netflix production, and will debut sometime after Luke Cage, which we're expecting later this year. Marvel and Netflix haven't yet commented on the news, so we don't have many more details, but finding a star is a good sign that we'll be learning more about Iron Fist soon enough.

In the comics, Danny Rand is orphaned as a young boy by a series of tragic events as his father is attempting to seek out the mysical Chinese city of K'un L'un, where he lived as a child. Taken in by the city's elders, he is taught to master martial arts, and eventually is granted the power of the "Iron Fist," which gives him supernatural speed, agility and strength and also allows him to focus his chi to deliver a super-powered, glowing punch. 

Fans will be divided over this casting decision. On the one hand, Jones is a talented rising star, he's a name nerds known and love, and this is a shot for him to really break out. On the other, many were really hoping for a more diverse casting choice here. That aside, Marvel's made its choice, so now we just have to wait and see how the show turns out (and how much we're going to end up arguing about the costume, because trust me, we will).

What do you think of Jones as Danny Rand?

(Via EW)

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