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Marvel Animation teases Black Panther's Quest, Guardians of the Galaxy and new LEGO Spider-Man special at NYCC

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Oct 7, 2018, 6:00 PM EDT (Updated)

Marvel Animation teased upcoming episodes and specials featuring a variety of characters at Sunday afternoon's New York Comic Con panel.

A preview clip of an upcoming episode of the current Avengers Assemble season, Black Panther's Quest, featured a Hydra force invading Wakanda and facing off with T'Challa and Dora Milaje warriors. Down the line, "in Episode 13 the show takes a shocking turn," teased Cort Lane, Marvel's senior vice president of animation. "It will send him on a quest and he will meet some Black Panthers from other time periods." Guest stars for that arc will include Mark Hamill and Stan Lee.

James Mathis III, who voices the lead character, added that T'Challa "is searching for the king within and to do that he is conjuring up his ancestors. We dive into the family tree and we learn a lot about what makes him the man and the king that he is."

The next season of Guardians of the Galaxy will be subtitled Mission Breakout. "The Collector finally gets his revenge on the Guardians and sends them to different dimensions, each of which will feature a different animation style," Lane revealed. A clip was shown in which Gamora lands in a fairy tale/Disney Princess type world complete with talking woodland critters who break out into a musical number (but may not be as cheerful as they appear).

Also announced at the panel is the first LEGO Spider-Man special, coming next year and titled Vexed by Venom.


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The panel concluded with a screening of the Marvel Rising special Secret Warriors, which had its official NYCC panel on Saturday.

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