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A symbiote invasion, Superior Spider-Man, and more animation unleashed at D23

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Aug 23, 2019, 10:21 PM EDT

After the onslaught of revelations about Marvel's TV slate on Disney+, things kept rolling at D23 Friday night when they continued to roll out new shows as part of the Marvel Animation panel, giving new info on shows like Marvel's Spider-Man, Maximum Venom, and more.

The big news was Maximum Venom, which is due out sometime next year. The show will be six hour-long episodes, playing out like mini-movies. "It really opened up the writers' room to try new ideas," said writer Chris "Doc" Wyatt.

It'll also be a narrative linchpin for the animated shows, centering on a symbiote invasion that'll take down heroes including Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and Hulk. With such a profound impact, it'll also tie into the first two seasons of Spider-Man, as well as the third season of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Marvel also teased its first animated series aimed squarely at preschoolers, Spidey and His Amazing Friends, which will premiere in 2021 on Disney Jr. Details were light, but some of his amazing friends on deck will include Black Panther, Ms. Marvel, Hulk, Miles Morales, and Ghost Spider. They also teased the look of the show on Twitter

There's also Marvel Superhero Adventures, which will introduce five new shorts in September. One was even screened for the crowd, which included SYFY WIRE. The short that was screened featured Spider-Man telling a couple of kids about how he got his Iron Spider outfit from Iron Man, which involved a trip up to space with him to help build a space station and deflect an asteroid.

Wyatt and co-writer Kevin Burke were on stage to talk about the Disney XD series Marvel's Spider-Man, specifically that the new season will be based loosely on the Superior Spider-Man arc and its formative battle with Doctor Octopus in the Amazing Spider-Man comic run. However, moderator Cort Lane, Marvel Animation & Family Entertainment's senior VP, stressed that the series will deviate from the source material. So don't expect things to turn out for Doc Ock quite the same way.

In the more immediate future, Marvel Rising: Battle of the Bands is slated to kick off this Wednesday on the Marvel HQ YouTube channel. They even put out a teaser on Twitter for the Gwen Stacy-centric series to tide everyone over until then. 

In the meantime, keep it here at SYFY WIRE for all the latest breaking news coming out of D23 all weekend