Marvel announces fate of Spider-Gwen, plus what could be a massive Secret Wars reveal

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Jun 24, 2015

One of Marvel’s coolest comics these days is the alt-universe Spider-Gwen 'book, and now we know what'll happen to her in the wake of Secret Wars.

Marvel has announced Spider-Gwen will continue in the wake of Secret Wars will a relaunched No. 1, and they plan to keep the creative team of writer Jason Latour and artist Robbi Rodriguez together. As anyone who has read the comic can attest, that’s a very good thing. The 'book will kick off with approximately 60 other comics as part of a massive relaunch post-Secret Wars. The story will address the fallout of Secret Wars and Spider-Verse (in which Gwen plays a role), but will apparently pick up pretty much where it left off in Gwen’s alternate universe of Earth-65.

That's right: Gwen’s universe will still exist once Secret Wars comes to an end, which means we'll still have a multiverse. Or at least, some semblance of a multiverse. Spider-Gwen is set in a world when Gwen Stacy was bitten by a radioactive spider, and Peter Parker died. That freedom has given the creative team a chance to reimagine several characters, including Uncle Ben, Frank Castle, Matt Murdock and others (and that’s just in the first handful of issues). She’s also in a punk band called The Mary Janes. It’s a vivid world, and one we can’t wait to explore further.

"The main focus of our first arc is on Gwen Stacy’s continuing adventures within her own universe (Earth 65), it’s pretty essential to who this Gwen Stacy is to have her own supporting cast and villains and problems," writer Jason Latour told IGN. "But Spider-Gwen was born out of a multiversal crossover event so the opportunity to hop around has always been present and honestly is just too fun to resist. So yeah, bouncing over to the 616 now and then is something we’re eager to explore too."

Considering Marvel chose to include the extremely new character on the key art for the "All New, All Different" relaunch with A-listers like Iron Man and Black Panther, many fans speculated Spider-Gwen would be relocating to the "main" Marvel universe. According to Latour, it sounds like we’ll get a little bit of both, with the character flowing in and out of both realities. Basically — that’s pretty much the best of both worlds. So yay.

Are you glad to see Spider-Gwen will be sticking around? What implications do you think this will have on Secret Wars?

(Via IGN)

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