Marvel announces Gwenpool meta comic series

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Dec 22, 2015, 4:44 PM EST

Gwen Stacy is about to star in a Deadpool-like comic book called Gwenpool. The series, which started as a cosplay joke, is evolving into something that Deadpool would trade a chimichanga for.

But first, some background: Gwen Stacy broke Peter Parker’s heart — and ours — when she fell victim to the Green Goblin atop the George Washington Bridge. But even though she frequently cropped up in the Marvel-verse in clone form and alternate universes, the character only received her first solo comic book, Spider-Gwen, in February 2015 (but that's Earth-65 Gwen, in an alternate 'verse outside the primary Earth-616 continuity).

Since then Gwen has charmed the artists at Marvel, so much so that they placed her on 20 variant covers of titles like Old Man Logan, Howard the Duck … and Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #2.

That particular variant cover caught the attention of cosplayers, who sported the mashup between Deadpool and Gwen at conventions. And that caught the attention of Marvel. So what started as a one-shot Christmas special has now ratcheted up into monthly 10-page appearances in Howard the Duck, beginning in April 2015. 

Note that this isn’t the Gwen Stacy that we’ve come to know and love through Spider-Gwen. io9 writes this character is Gwenpool.

Writer Christopher Hastings told EW,

[Gwen is] from the world that she claims to be — some sort of “real world” — and knows of the Marvel universe as a fictional one. So the series is a lot about her believing she’s in a fictional world with no consequences. 

She’s seen everyone come back to life at some point, and it sort of seems like she’s living in a video game. And then the book is going to be the universe fighting back at that. Like, “you can’t really get away with everything” is kind of the struggle there. It’s also sort of, she just assumes, “I’m obviously a main character so I need to be a superhero” even though she has no powers. 

In other words, she’ll have the wacky, consequence-free attitude of Deadpool. But the universe won’t let her keep it.

There's little to go on, but I'm already looking forward to seeing the fabulous not-Gwen-Stacy wielding katanas and throwing herself headfirst into adventure. Are you?

Via io9.