Marvel announces long-awaited Spider-Men II event miniseries

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Apr 18, 2017, 9:07 AM EDT

In 2012, when the new Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales was still enjoying a massive wave of early popularity, a key question was posed: What if Miles could meet the Marvel 616 version of his superhero namesake, Peter Parker? Miles' creators, writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Sara Pichelli, answered that question with Spider-Men, a critically acclaimed and commercially successful miniseries that saw the original Peter traveling to the Ultimate Universe for a dimension-hopping adventure with Miles. It was a blast, and its cliffhanger final page left plenty of room for a sequel.

Now, that sequel is here at last.

Late last week, Marvel briefly teased the return of the series on social media, and then on Monday the full news broke: Bendis, Pichelli and colorist Justin Posner will re-team for Spider-Men II. This time around, the team is interested in exploring the idea of legacy, particularly when you have to learn to set yourself apart from the larger than life deeds of your own hero.

“Over the years,” Bendis explained, “[Miles] has come into his own, and with that comes the question: all right, that’s my hero, but maybe what I love about my hero is that they’re unique to themselves. What about me is special that I am standing here doing this?”

After beginning his career as Spider-Man in the wake of Ultimate Peter Parker's death, Miles has now rubbed shoulders several times with his 616 counterpart, and he's even part of the same universe now thanks to the events of Secret Wars. In the years since Spider-Men he's found a new home, found love and even joined his own super-team in the Champions, so the idea of exploring what it means for him to be Spider-man now is intriguing.

Perhaps more importantly to fans of the origonal miniseries, though, Spider-Men II will also finally answer the huge question posed by Spider-Men's final page. When that comic ended, Peter Parker -- safe in his own universe again -- decided to try and find out if the 616 Earth had its own version of Miles, and typed his fellow Spidey's name into Google. The results of that search caused Peter to sit back in shock and say "Oh My God," but the reader never actually got to see what he was looking at. Now at last, we'll get some answers.

Spider-Men II arrives in July. Check out some preview art in the gallery below.

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