Marvel announces new 'Cold War thriller' Peggy Carter and Howard Stark comic

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Oct 13, 2014

With the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. prequel series Agent Carter on the way, Marvel has decided to kick off a new comic digging into Peggy Carter and Howard Stark’s early adventures.

Dubbed OPERATION S.I.N., the comic will be written by Kathryn Immonen and artist Rich Ellis following the duo on a globetrotting adventure set in Cold War-era Russia as they track a powerful alien artifact that could upset the balance of international relations. The comic will be set in the 1950s, and we’re probably a little too excited for a noir-ish period thriller set in the Marvel Universe with some characters desperately deserving of more screen page time.

Immonen dropped a few hints about the story — including a tantalizing bit about talking animals — and it sounds like Peggy and Howard won’t exactly hit it off. She also confirmed via an in-house interview that they’ll be facing off with HYDRA and using the rest of the Marvel Universe in some unique ways:

“Peggy and Howard know each other and if she didn’t particularly like him before, he certainly shores up that position in the opening pages of the first issue … The HYDRA in our book is a splinter group operating in a remote place co-opting a good part of the imprisoned Soviet brain trust. The sliding time line of the comics universe can make it difficult to figure out who we can use in a way that makes sense but I can tell you you’ll see two characters in their early days, just before they truly come into their powers,” she hints. “Also, I think my love for talking animals is well known. I’ll just leave it there.”

Though it sets the book outside the obvious alignment of the rest of the Marvel Universe, editor Jonathan Moisan noted the period setting should give the creative team more freedom to dig into their corner of that world and tell a compelling story outside all the other “events” constantly going on:

“To be honest, I actually find it more freeing to have this story set during the 50’s. While most big event [series] are confined to whatever is going on around them, I told Kathryn and Rich that they were more or less free to run wild with the characters and time period. While there were a few rules put in place, both Kathryn and Rich used the setting and time period to run with the ball.”

OPERATION S.I.N. is set to hit comic store shelves in January 2015. Will you be reading?

(Via Marvel)

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