Marvel announces new slate of Inhumans comics: Royals, Black Bolt and Secret Warriors

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:13 AM EDT (Updated)

With the Inhumans set to headline their own ABC television series (along with an IMAX mini-movie of the pilot), Marvel is kickstarting an all-new line of Inhumans comics. The publisher has announced three new ongoing series, Royals, Black Bolt and Secret Warriors, that will all launch next month.

The Royals series will follow the Royal Family of Inhumans as they travel to space on a grave mission to discover the history of Terrigenesis. The series also promises a major death (or at least the departure of a member of the Royal Family), with the tagline “And thousands of years from now, the legends will say that seven set out on the journey, but only six returned ...” The series is being handled by the creative team of Al Ewing (Ultimates, New Avengers) and JonBoy Meyers.

Black Bolt will give the Inhuman king a solo series as he finds himself on the edge of the cosmos imprisoned with the most dangerous criminals in the galaxy. To escape, Black Bolt must join up with these murderers and thieves to escape. This series comes from Hugo-nominated novelist Saladin Ahmed (Throne of the Crescent Moon) and artist Christian Ward (Ultimates).

The Secret Warriors series focuses on a new generation of Inhumans, with Quake (Daisy Johnson) assembling a new team comprised of Ms. Marvel, Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur, Inferno, Karnak and “a few surprises” to create “the most dysfunctional super hero team” out there.

“Exciting new directions, crazy talented creative teams, and a different vibe for each of these three books. Royals is epic and intimate all at once, opening up all-new corners of the Marvel Universe on a monthly basis,” editor Wil Moss said in a statement. “Secret Warriors is gonna be a real crowd-pleaser, a true roller coaster of a story with a cast of all your favorites (plus a few surprise team-members). Black Bolt is the line’s secret weapon, an intense exploration of the unknowable King of the Inhumans, with visuals like you’ve never seen – believe me.”

All three new runs are slated to launch in 2017, and they’ll spin out of the new Inhumans vs. X-Men comic event.

Check out some preview covers below and let us know what you think: