Marvel announces a new Ultimates team to fight cosmic threats post-Secret Wars

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Aug 2, 2015, 7:52 PM EDT

When Marvel's Secret Wars began, and the patchwork that is Battleworld formed, it meant the end of the publisher's successful Ultimate line, but it didn't mean that characters and ideas from the world were gone forever. Right now, Marvel's rolling out a series of announcements for its "All-New, All-Different" Marvel initiative, and the latest has revealed that the team name "Ultimates," which served as the Ultimate Universe's version of The Avengers, will carry on with a new group of heroes.

Ultimates, from writer Al Ewing (Mighty Avengers) and artist Kenneth Rocafort (Red Hood and the Outlaws), will assemble an entirely new team of Marvel characters, and send them out into the universe to deal with cosmic-level threats. The team will feature fan-favorite Captain Marvel, former Mighty Avengers Blue Marvel and Spectrum, former Young Avenger America Chavez, and the ruler of Wakanda, himself, Black Panther. As for the kind of threats they'll be facing, a teaser image by Rocafort reveals that the team will definitely encounter the Devourer of Worlds, Galactus, during their interstellar explorations.

"We're going to be doing that thing of exploring strange new worlds and other dimensions, and Kenneth's absolutely phenomenal when it comes to delineating these otherworldly places -- he's doing stuff I don't think anyone else is doing, at least in the field of cape comics," Ewing said. "He's been a real inspiration so far in terms of how out there we'll be getting."

Ewing hasn't offered much information yet in terms of just how far out there the team will go, but in terms of how alien relations are with Earth, and how the Ultimates will affect that, he did offer hints at the Ultimates giving various alien races a wake-up call.

"I don't think Earth is very popular. Earth is kind of a wild card -- there's this weird double standard the alien races have for Earth, which seems to be caused by a clash of pop culture tropes and metaphors. So on the one hand, Earth is seen as a bit backward and unevolved, but on the other hand, they're really dangerous and sooner or later someone should get around to blowing Earth up before these humans do something too crazy. Whatthe Ultimates might end up doing is getting aliens to see Earth in a different light -- like, 'Well, they're advanced enough to do that, that thing they did in issue #2, holy crap, maybe we'd better take them a bit more seriously.' And that could be good, or it could be bad. I don't know yet."

Ultimates arrives, with what I think is a fascinating team of heroes, this fall. Check out a teaser image from Rocafort below.

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