Marvel asks fans to be patient about Captain America's turn in Secret Empire

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May 5, 2017, 4:52 PM EDT (Updated)

Fans have been in a bit of an uproar over Marvel Comics’ new Secret Empire event, but the publisher has a message: Be patient. Please?

Marvel released a statement to ABC News in regard to the Secret Empire backlash, which features a storyline where reality has been changed (a few times) thanks to a Cosmic Cube, resulting in Steve Rogers being a lifelong member of Hydra. Which, yeah, turning Captain America into a semi-Nazi? Not a very cool move. And people are freaking. So Marvel is asking readers to be patient and wait to see how the story plays out, which usually isn’t the worst idea in general.

Here’s an excerpt from the statement:

"With Marvel Comics’ Secret Empire, the forces of Hydra have taken over and, due to the villainous actions of the Red Skull, have manipulated Marvel’s greatest hero, Captain America, and forced him to adopt their cause. At Marvel, we want to assure all of our fans that we hear your concerns about aligning Captain America with Hydra and we politely ask you to allow the story to unfold before coming to any conclusion.

Captain America, will always be a cornerstone of the Marvel Universe who will stand up for what is right, and Secret Empire will be the biggest challenge Steve has ever faced. What you will see at the end of this journey is that his heart and soul -- his core values, not his muscle or his shield -- are what save the day against Hydra and will further prove that our heroes will always stand against oppression and show that good will always triumph over evil.”

There’s no doubt Secret Empire is one of the most politically charged and tinged events Marvel has ever attempted, and in doing so, it’s bound to be a bit of a lightning rod. But, like anything, the event should obviously be judged as a whole. Yeah, it’s easy to knee-jerk when you see Cap giving hugs to Baron Zemo, but still — let’s see where it’s going, right? What do you think? Are you pumped for Secret Empire, or is it a bridge too far?

(Via ABC News)