Marvel at 8,400+ rare Apollo images uploaded onto the internet for free!

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:22 AM EDT (Updated)

Looking for something spacey to do this weekend?  I've got just the ticket for your adventurous spirit, with a massive collection of 8,400+ high-resolution NASA Apollo mission images from the height of the space race in the '60s and '70s.   Covering all the pre-moon voyages as well as all the lunar landings, this fascinating wealth of newly released photos is all part of the Project Apollo Archive, a nonprofit organization founded by Kipp Teague, an employeee of Lynchburg College in Virginia, who has hosted a galaxy of rare Apollo photos since 1999.

The images were originally taken by the standard medium-format Hasselblad cameras issued to astronauts to document their voyages, and spans from Apollo 7, the first manned test flight back in 1968, through Apollo 17, the program's final manned lunar mission in 1972.  From interesting closeups of the lunar module to patriotic shots of the American flag, cruising around in the rover, intimate astronaut selfies and lunar landscape panoramas of the moon's "magnificent desolation," we thank NASA for this epic archive of astro-awesomeness.

Digitally remastered and presented in their full glory, plant your eyeballs on the entire collection on Flickr here, or check out a sampling of 17 in the gallery below.

(Via AZCentral)

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