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Marvel at the fully-restored, stunningly cool Star Trek: TOS shuttle

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:31 AM EDT (Updated)

Fans have been working for several months to restore an old Star Trek: The Original Series shuttle that was almost unrecognizable after being recovered from an outdoor lot. Now they’re finished — and the results are breathtaking.

The Galileo shuttle was officially unveiled a few days ago, and the finished product has been donated to Space Center Houston. So if you’re ever in that area, be sure to check it out.

Here’s what the restoration team had to say about the project’s completion:

“After eight months of restoration, we (Adam and Leslie Schneider) held the unveiling of Star Trek's original Galileo shuttle on Saturday June 22, in front of about 350 avid fans. Galileo was presented in her repair bay at Master Shipwrights of Atlantic Highlands NJ. The fully restored shuttle reused as much of the original material as could be saved. Extensive research was performed to duplicate the ship as it first appeared in her premier episode, "The Galileo Seven". There was press coverage from multiple sources. The shuttle had been thought lost forever as little as 18 months ago.”

In addition to the above video chronicle of the restoration, the team has also released some great shots showing the fully restored ship ready for action.

(Via Trek BBS)