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Marvel Comics announces new Asgardians of the Galaxy series, spinning out of Infinity Wars

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Jun 7, 2018, 2:44 PM EDT

With the Infinity Stones causing all kinds of trouble on the big screen, Marvel is also in the midst of an Infinity Wars comic event focused on the reality-warping super rocks. But once all that dust settles, it looks like we’ll have a whole new team of intergalactic heroes.

Marvel Comics has announced the new series Asgardians of the Galaxy, which will feature a motley crew of heroes patrolling the galaxy. The run comes from the creative team of Cullen Bunn and Matteo Lolli. Little is known about the exact set-up for the series ,only that Marvel is calling it a “space opera” that will spin out of Infinity Wars.

The team roster includes: Angela (Thor’s half-sister), Valkyrie (enjoying a resurgence thanks to Thor: Ragnarok), Skurge the Executioner (freshly escaped from Hel), Throg (your favorite frog of thunder), and Thunderstrike (aka Kevin Masterson). The team will also have a mystery member, who will be wielding the Asgardian Destroyer armor, which was originally designed to take on Celestials.

From the logo to the name, it’s pretty clear Marvel is making some strong nods to the Guardians of the Galaxy, so might Star-Lord and the gang wind up sidelined by the end of Infinity Wars and need a new team to step into the galaxy-saving business?

We’ll have to wait until September, when Asgardians of the Galaxy, hits shelves to know for sure.

Asgardains of the Galaxy