Marvel Comics expands, delays its hero vs. hero Civil War II event

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Aug 20, 2016, 1:22 PM EDT (Updated)

Marvel’s ongoing Civil War II comic event has already brought about some seismic shifts to the comic universe, but now the saga is getting a little bigger (and longer).

Marvel has announced it's expanding Civil War II to include an eighth issue (much as the publisher did with the Secret Wars event last year), which will bump the conclusion of the event beyond the October relaunch of several new Marvel NOW series (which are set in the wake of Civil War II, natch). But hey, it worked all right for Secret Wars, so whatever. Plus, if writer Brian Michael Bendis believes they need an extra issue to wrap this thing up correctly, you should probably give him the breathing room.

“First of all, the response from fans over Civil War II has been so heartwarming. Secondly, over the summer I thought of a different, hopefully better, way to tell our ending,” Bendis said. “It’s not a different ending but a different way to tell it and I am so happy that Marvel gave us this chance to do our thing.  Some fans already know that a lot is going to change in the Marvel Universe post-Civil War II but we’ve kept some secrets secret and issue #8 is chock full of them.”

If you haven’t been reading Civil War II, here’s the short version: There’s a new Inhuman who has the ability to see the future, and Captain Marvel wants to use that power to prevent bad things from happening before they occur. Iron Man is not a fan of this predictive justice, and believes it basically equates to profiling and goes against the fundamental concept of free will. Some A-list heroes have gotten killed in the process. Basically, Minority Report with superheroes. And less punching, weirdly (at least up to this point).

The run has been a bit uneven (and clunky), but Bendis is still one heck of a storyteller, and you have to commend Marvel for taking on such heady ideas. If nothing else, the final few issues will hopefully be dynamite.

Civil War II #6 will is now penciled in to hit shelves Sept. 14, with the next two issues in the following months.