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Marvel Comics' Extermination event lives up to its name with major X-Men death

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Aug 15, 2018, 10:01 AM EDT

Marvel comics, especially the X-Men, get caught up in all sorts of interdimensional, inter-timeline complications that make for some seriously complex storylines and introduce ridiculous possibilities. That doesn’t change with X-Men’s Extermination #1 from Ed Brisson and Pepe Larraz.

This first issue lives up to its name with some serious consequences for one of the more notable X-Men — and ones that grow from the time-travel plot it's been building since Cyclops, Iceman, Angel, Beast, and Marvel Girl were flung through time in All-New X-Men.

The original five face all sorts of time-traveling trials, but Extermination is when things start to get really spicy for the group.

Spoilers for Extermination #1 included below

Extermination page

According to ComicBook.com, things get all Looper-y in the Extermination-verse pretty fast. Things go wrong for the X-Men thanks to Ahab and a mysterious hooded figure. Cyclops gets away from Ahab’s dogs thanks to Bloodstorm, who’s not as lucky, while Iceman and Cable face off against the unknown assailant.

It doesn’t go well. The technologically advanced baddie stuns Iceman and squares off against Cable with plenty of firepower -- which eventually leads to the latter getting shot after a brief physical tussle. Then, with a cool one-liner (“Cable... you’re relieved of your duty”), the hooded villain executes the time-displaced soldier. Iceman is taken, and Cable’s body is collected by the survivors. Yeah, that's right — Cable is dead.

But who was that masked figure? Well, in the final page of Extermination’s debut issue, it’s revealed to be none other than a young version of Cable himself. Old Cable was apparently incapable and young, murder-prone Cable has what it takes to see things through... whatever things they may be. What fate does this portend for the OG five? And what does it mean to kill an older version of yourself?

Extermination #1 is on sale now, while Extermination #2 becomes available on Aug. 29.