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Marvel Comics' Extermination refuses to take prisoners, kills [SPOILER]

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Oct 31, 2018, 11:59 AM EDT

Marvel Comics’ bloody Extermination event has been tearing its way through superheroes like no other, pushing mutants through the meat grinder like it was running out of time. And now the X-Men event of 2018 has claimed another victim.

**SPOILER WARNING: This story reveals key plot details of Extermination #4. Stop reading now if you don't want to know who meets a grisly fate.**

If you’re reading this far, you know the sheer death count in the miniseries has been intense, claiming major characters (and having plenty of psych-outs to keep readers on their toes). You also probably know that the crux of the storyline is the fate of the time-traveling original X-Men whose time displacement is angering all the wrong people.

You’ve got young Cable and now the mutant-hunting Ahab chasing down the young versions of these old favorites, the latter of which makes as much impact in the newest issue as he did when he killed Bloodstorm in issue #1.

His plan, to kill one of these original X-Men and forever screw up the timeline, apparently comes to fruition when he reaches Searebro. He corners the mutants with his brainwashed hounds and, as young Scott Summers leaps at him to seek revenge for Bloodstorm, drives his harpoon through Cyclops’ visor. And head. And the wall behind his head.


Extermination Ahab

Source: Marvel Comics

If that sequence doesn’t quite make it stick, the issue’s final panel seems to make things plenty clear — but this series has faked fans out before. But wow, doesn’t this look dead to you?

Extermination Cyclops

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With young Cyclops dead and unable to return to the past, this could completely reconfigure the X-Men timeline — as young Cable warns earlier in the issue — and lead to new and terrible futures for the mutants. These could possibly play out in Chris Claremont’s return to the X-Men or the upcoming refresh of the Uncanny X-Men book coming in mid-November.

Extermination #4 is out now.