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Marvel Comics hires former DC exec John Nee to oversee publishing side

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Jan 16, 2018, 3:04 PM EST (Updated)

Another shake-up over at Marvel Comics as the company has hired John Nee as its new head of publishing while Dan Buckley was promoted to full-time president (which was made official last year), reports who originally broke the news. Nee, formerly DC Entertainment's Senior VP of Business Development, will oversee both the print and digital sides of Marvel Comics in addition to working on both the budgeting and marketing. 

Buckley, Marvel's head of publishing for the last 15 years, commented on Nee's appointment to, saying:

"This was more of the right time than the 'best.' Our comics and prose businesses have many opportunities in front of them, and each of those opportunities require a certain amount of expertise. We feel John can provide us with that expertise for each of these opportunities. John has a comprehensive background that makes uniquely qualified for this role. He has a depth and breadth of experience in gaming, consumer products, prose publishing, collectibles, and most importantly comics."

Nee's joining the company comes just two months after C.B. Cebulski was named Marvel's new Editor-In-Chief, taking over from Axel Alonso. This news also arrives two months after Cebulski controversially admitted that he had written comics for Marvel under a Japaense pseudonym in the mid-2000s. Many were angered at Cebulski's apparent use of "yellowface" that allowed him to appropriate an entire culture while flouting company regulations. In the end, editor Sana Amanat (co-creator of Ms. Marvel) came to his defense and Cebulski himself apologized, calling his behavior a "poor choice."

In spite of all this, Marvel's Cinematic Universe is as strong as it ever was, especially in light of the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War in early May. To take full advantage of the hype, the publishing side just announced an Infinity Countdown limited series about the resurgence of the Infinity Stones as well as an Infinity Prelude storyline from Marvel Studios that will take place in the MCU before the events of the film.

Based on all that, Nee certainly has his work cut out for him. 

"As the publisher, John will lead our business strategy for publishing as a whole and focus on growing the comics and prose business. All business aspects of publishing report up to John. Creative and editorial planning will still have oversight from C.B. Cebulski, Joe Quesada, and myself," said Buckley.