Marvel Comics just changed Han Solo's canonical history in a big way

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Jun 3, 2015, 6:08 PM EDT (Updated)

When you think about the state of Star Wars lately, obviously the most attention is going to be on The Force Awakens. It's big, it's flashy, and it's the first Star Wars flick in a decade, but it's far from the only thing interesting in a galaxy far, far away right now. For many fans (including me), it's almost equally interesting to watch how the Disney era of Star Wars canon is slowly but surely evolving. We've seen it on TV with Star Wars Rebels, in print with the many books Disney's planning in the coming months, and of course, in the pages of Marvel Comics, where Han, Luke and Leia are having brand-new original trilogy-era adventures in the pages of Star Wars by Jason Aaron and John Cassaday.

Over the course of the book's run so far, Aaron and Cassaday have teased a mysterious woman on the trail of Han Solo, and when the cover for Star Wars #9 hit the 'net on Monday, her full face was revealed for the first time. Though the character's name hadn't yet been revealed, fans started guessing, and based on both her appearance and her pursuit of Solo it seemed like the odds were pretty good that she was Salla Zend, an ex-girlfriend of Han's and a fellow smuggler who was first introduced during the Dark Empire comic-book series back in 1992. It would certainly have been a big enough deal if Zend had made the leap from the old Expanded Universe to the new one, but it turns out that's not who this woman is. She's actually ...





Still here? OK, here's the reveal from today's Star Wars #6. 


That's right. Hands off Han Solo, ladies. He's taken.

Obviously, this is a big bombshell with big implications for the rest of Star Wars continuity going forward, at least in the pages of Marvel Comics. We don't know yet how long Han's marriage has lasted, or will last, but we do know that it seems to be a pretty unhappy one. We also, of course, know that the films are still canon, and in the films Han pursues his relationship with Leia without ever bringing up a marriage. Now, that could mean he's an even bigger scoundrel than we all thought he was, or it could mean that, by the time The Empire Strikes Back rolls around, the marriage is over one way or another. Whatever the case, we're definitely going to keep reading Star Wars comics to see how this turns out.

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