Marvel Comics mashing up A-list heroes in mysterious Infinity Warps miniseries

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Jun 20, 2018, 8:15 PM EDT

Marvel has finally taken the wraps off the mysterious project it’s been teasing on social media through the beguilingly cryptic #WhoGetsWarped hashtag. Turns out, the idea is to create an alternate comic book storyline in which pairs of major characters somehow get fused into a single, entirely new one.

Doing a double take? Think what might happen if you mashed up Thor and Iron Man. Marvel did, and what it came up with is Iron Hammer, an all-new character who, like the others in the new lineup, will be introduced ahead of this fall’s Infinity Wars #3 with promotional one-shots that focus on how they came into being.

Courtesy of Marvel, check out the covers for the first two issues below:





Details are light on how the new characters’ backstories are framed within the Marvel character canon, but the concept could be fueled by the reality-warping power of the Infinity Stones mentioned in the solicitation for Infinity Wars #3.

The first one-shot takes on Iron Hammer and is being written by Al Ewing and illustrated by Ramon Rosanas (with the cover coming from Humberto Ramos). The second issue, which features the Doctor Strange/Captain America mashup named Soldier Supreme, has enlisted the writing talents of Gerry Dugan with art from Adam Kubert (and Ramos, again, on cover duty).

So far, Marvel’s saying only that the first installments are set to land sometime in September, which puts their release right in line with the debut of another major evolution in the ongoing Infinity comic event — the launch of the intriguingly-named Asgardians of the Galaxy. We’ll be watching out to see how the new comics play with all the chaos Thanos keeps causing, so stay tuned.