Marvel Comics' new Cable series will send the X-Man on a time-traveling adventure

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May 5, 2017, 12:53 PM EDT (Updated)

Marvel is giving its entire X-Men comics line a refresh, and one of the most intriguing solo books is a new series based on Cable. Now we finally know what the studio is cooking up.

Marvel has announced that Eisner-winning writer James Robinson (Scarlet Witch, Squadron Supreme) and artist Carlos Pacheco (Occupy Avengers, Captain America) will be leading the new Cable series. It marks Robinson’s long-awaited return to Cable, after a stint writing the series in the late 1990s. Robinson told Marvel he always regretted leaving Cable, and said the new series will track a wild, time-traveling adventure that only Cable could take on.

Here’s an excerpt from his take on the direction of the series:

“One of the things about Cable is he’s a ‘time warrior.’ Time travel is part of his make-up in almost every aspect of his history — no pun intended. This series will be Cable on a race against time to fix time. The reason Cable must take on this quest will reveal itself as the story and mystery unfolds, but he’s doing it for the sake of the Marvel Universe, which will fall apart if he doesn’t take action. And in the course of Cable’s mission, we’ll see him in a lot of great time periods like 15th century Japan, WWI, the Stone Age, Victorian England, and on and on, all with those time periods made more crazy and sci-fi by time being fractured by the villain of our series.

This series, while not throwing out any of Cable’s past, will focus on him as a character for new readers as well as old ones. The villain is a new character simply named Conquest. He’s a technocrat from a future where he’s worked out how to manipulate the butterfly effect of times past to make his reality perfect for his wants. That ripple effect has changed the present. Cable has to stop Conquest. Conquest has no intention of being stopped and intends to use all that history has to offer in terms of warriors and villains to stop Cable at each stop our hero makes in time.”

The first issue of Cable is set for release in the spring.