Marvel Comics reveals plans for full-scale relaunch of its X-Men line-up

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Oct 24, 2016

There was a time when the X-Men were Marvel royalty, with several flagship comics, spinoffs and even mutant characters permeating other hit books. Nowadays? It’s mostly all about The Avengers, and the Inhumans have decimated the mutant population (by accident, but still). So, what’s next for the X-Men?

Marvel has revealed where the franchise will be heading in 2016 as part of the X-Men: ResurrXion (ugh, that “X”) event. The X-Men are set to co-star in the upcoming Inhumans vs. X-Men event, then ResurrXion will spin out of it in spring 2017. The new lineup includes a total of seven new ‘books, led by flagship series X-Men: Blue and X-Men: Yellow. (Why colors? We don't know.) Along with those, we’ll also see Iceman, Cable, Jean Grey, Generation X and Weapon X

Though they couldn’t say much, editors Mark Paniccia and Daniel Ketchum revealed the new comics will be set in the wake of the Terrigen Cloud storyline, which has killed a whole lot of mutants and permeated most of the X-Men stories over the past year or so. Replacing that doom and gloom, we’ll finally get a hopeful story for the X-Men. It’s about time.

“Extinction is no longer staring them in the face, so the X-Men can exhale and turn their attention back to doing what’s defined them since the beginning: Protecting a world that hates and fears them,” Ketchum told Marvel. “These new titles won’t cast the X-Men as members of a species fighting for their survival but rather as big, bright, colorful super heroes who want to demonstrate to the world that they want to walk with them hand-in-hand into the future. They’ll have costumes with capes, a school, and softball games. Oh, there will be softball games. The goal is to tell exciting new X-Men stories while keeping an eye on the tropes and touchstones that longtime X-Men fans cherish.”

So, what can we expect from these mysterious new runs? Here’s a breakdown: Generation X will be a “back to school” type book focusing on younger mutants; Weapon X will be the “darkest book” by far; the Blue and Gold books are a throwback to the “quintessential X-Men team books” of yore; and Iceman and Jean Grey will be solo stories to dig deeper into those characters.

This full line-up is set to hit in the spring of 2017, and at this point, there’s no word on the creative teams tackling the various projects.

Is this the creative revamp the X-Men needs?

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