Marvel Comics reveals the return of Battleworld as its major 2015 event

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Nov 6, 2014, 8:14 PM EST (Updated)

Marvel Comics has just ended the speculation about what its big event of next year is going to be.

A new teaser trailer released this morning by the company reveals that the Secret Wars story arc it has been teasing for 2015 will revolve around the creation of a new Battleworld.

Battleworld, in the previous Secret Wars comic-book run, was a place, created out of pieces of different planets by the Beyonder, where Marvel superheroes and villains could congregate to fight. This time around, it appears that Battleworld will be constructed from parts of many different alternate Earths seen in storylines like Planet Hulk, Civil War, Age of Apocalypse and others.

The teaser, which includes nods to 15 or so different narratives and an image from Alex Ross featuring a tremendous number of characters, suggests that this will be an epic confrontation indeed, with the inhabitants of numerous universes and Earths fighting for survival (writer Jonathan Hickman has been hinting at this in his recent Avengers run as well). By the way, if this sound kind of similar to DC's recently announced Convergence event ... you wouldn't be alone in thinking that. 

Comic Book Resources has a pretty detailed rundown of how Marvel's recent titles may all connect to and impact Secret Wars. Marvel still has many details to provide about the book, as well as its tie-ins, but in the meantime watch the teaser below and tell us if you're psyched for the company's big 2015 event series and the return of Battleworld.

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