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Marvel Comics reveals who really killed Thanos, others in Infinity Wars #1

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Aug 1, 2018

After Marvel’s Infinity Wars: Prime shocked the comic world by announcing in bloody, decapitated form the mortality of the Mad Titan Thanos, the buzz around the fandom has centered on who in the world could have killed him so easily. In other words: who is the mysterious Requiem?

With today’s launch of Infinity Wars #1 from Gerry Duggan and Mike Deodato Jr., that question has been spoilerifically answered - and with its answer only making some of the issue’s twists and turns all the more shocking.

This article includes spoilers for Infinity Wars #1.

If you’ve been keeping up with the culmination of Marvel’s Infinity Countdown (which is obviously a separate, comic continuity from the big screen MCU, not to scare off those deeply invested in the outcome of Avengers 4), you know that Thanos has been killed by a legendary female killer named Requiem. Legendary in the multiverse...except nobody seems to know anything about her in this timeline.

So when she chops off Thanos’ head, the team had to find out what was going on. The Titan’s death causes the Infinity Watch and their allies to fight between themselves out of fear and shock. That only escalates when it’s revealed that Star-Lord and criminal Turk Barrett don’t have the real Power Stone anymore. Where did it go? Gamora must’ve grabbed it from Star-Lord in a bar earlier. So when it’s been detected above the group...the adopted daughter of Thanos must be nearby.

That’s when Requiem lands. As she fights them all off without breaking a sweat, the foreshadowed reveal takes place: Rocket Raccoon shoots off Requiem’s mask to reveal his fellow Guardian of the Galaxy: Gamora. Obviously she’s got a lot of anger against her father, but that doesn’t explain why she then runs Star-Lord through with her Power Stone-enhanced blade. Something about freeing some of her soul, perhaps?

The Soul World is her destination, but how many more bodies will Gamora leave in her wake? And will this villainous streak be reflected outside this comic canon?

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