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Marvel Comics wrapping All-New Wolverine, launching new X-23 series

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Mar 14, 2018, 3:11 PM EDT

As the actress behind Logan’s iteration of Laura Kinney moves on to a new fantastical adventure, the character in the comics is going back to basics. No longer holding the title of Wolverine, Laura Kinney's X-23 era is starting again. This July, She-Hulk and Supergirl writer Mariko Tamaki and Elektra artist Juann Cabal give X-23 a fresh start — and a new #1 issue.

The young, beclawed mutant made her debut almost 15 years ago and took many branching paths in the years since to figure out her identity as an individual and as a superhero — much like the Wolverine fans watched transform from grumpy recluse to slightly-less grumpy recluse.


Cabal brings his experience with All-New Wolverine to the new book, saying “the series’ tone is going to be different from All-New Wolverine, but you can feel [Tamaki’s] fondness and respect for the characters. So fans, rest assured! We’ll continue enjoying the Laura and Gabby (and Jonathan the Wolverine) we all know and love!”

Tamaki, bringing her voice to the comic, is excited about the opportunity in both broad and specific terms. “How often do you get to write a comic that has its own iconic sound effect?” asked Tamaki. Her perspective on the protagonist is a bit more focused on those around her, and how they fit together.

“This is a story about being in the very weird kind of family that someone like Laura/X-23 finds herself in,” Tamaki said. “It’s about what it means to wrestle with legacy and identity when you were created to be a weapon and not someone with a birthday and a sister.”

Delving into these questions of humanity, ones that Wolverine grappled with in the original X-Men movies, will undoubtedly show compassion to X-23 through fleshing out those who care about her (for good or ill).