Marvel confirms Avengers 4 title is definitely a post-Infinity War spoiler

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Jul 19, 2019, 5:01 PM EDT (Updated)

Though Marvel has announced movies going out over the next several years, the company has made a point to not announce the title of the fourth Avengers film just yet. Why? Well, it’d apparently ruin Infinity War.

In a chat with Cinema Blend, Marvel’s Kevin Feige was asked if the company pulled back the original title (Avengers: Infinity War Part 2) because the real (new) title is a spoiler connecting back to the events of the first Avengers: Infinity War. Feige’s answer: “Yeah, for sure.” Feige didn’t say much about how the films connect, but noted the projects are two “very different” movies, hence they’re no longer being billed as Parts 1-2.

So, what’s Marvel cooking up? Best guess is to look at some of Feige’s other recent comments about what the company will be doing once the fourth phase of the MCU wraps up over the next few years. He teased that the company’s slate after these next two Avengers films could be a very different world than the universe fans are used to seeing. So … what if the title refers to some type of reboot/event that will serve as a comic-like reset event for the next phase of the MCU? Like, who knows, Avengers: Secret Wars?

What do you think? What is Marvel cooking up?

(Via Cinema Blend)

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