Go inside the Sanctum Santorum with concept art and behind-the-scenes clips from Doctor Strange

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Feb 28, 2017

You can finally pick up Marvel's Doctor Strange on Blu-ray and DVD, and here's some concept art and behind-the-scenes footage to further inspire you to add it to your collection.

The concept art shows the evolution of Strange's costume design as well as some different angles inside the Sanctum Santorum. We see how the cape and outfit changed along the way, as well as some sketches that conceptualize how Strange will fly thanks to the Cloak of Levitation. There are also some early designs for the neon-infused magic rune weapons.

In addition to the art, the studio also released some of the behind-the-scenes featurettes that are bundled on the home release. The two clips focus on how Marvel brought some of the magical action to life (it's always interesting to see where the real sets end and the green screens begin) as well as the lengthy casting process to land Benedict Cumberbatch in the starring role.

Watch the clips below and check out the concept art in our gallery.