Marvel editor Nick Lowe discusses Spider-Gwen's 'mean right hook'

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Feb 27, 2015, 12:33 PM EST (Updated)

Gwen Stacy was Peter Parker's science-minded, yet stereotypically 1960s, Marvel girlfriend, who became famous only after her death. Or rather, after Peter killed her. With physics. Her death was considered one of the more painful moments in comic book history, and her post-mortem popularity never waned. And now she has new life in one of Marvel's alternate universes (Earth-65), as well as on the comic book shelves.

Marvel is now publishing Spider-Gwen, a comic book that asks the question "What if Gwen, and not Peter, had been bitten by a radioactive spider?" We spoke with Marvel editor Nick Lowe about Spider-Gwen … and why Marvel chose Gwen as the next radioactive spider-bite victim.

Why did you decide to give Gwen spider-powers?

We just had a huge SPIDER-VERSE event where every Spider-Man ever came together and writer Dan Slott had the idea that, in another universe, Gwen Stacy was the one bit by the radioactive spider!

Why did you decide to give Gwen -- and not another female character -- spider-powers?

Gwen Stacy casts one of the biggest shadows in Spider-Man’s supporting cast, so it just made sense. And making her the main cast in her own universe? Another no-brainer. Also, in Spider-Verse, a bunch of other female characters did have spider-powers, including Peter’s Aunt May, the Amazing Spider-Ma’am. 

Did either Emma Stone's portrayal of her, or her popularity thanks to The Amazing Spider-Man 2, have anything to do with Gwen's reimagining?

It didn’t really have anything to do with the conception or interpretation, but Emma is amazing, and I sure loved her Gwen Stacy.

What do you like about Gwen?

She’s smart as a whip (people always forget about this, but she was on par with Peter’s intellect), she’s got a big heart, and we learned in the Spider-Gwen series that she’s got a mean right hook.

Why should Spider-Man fans be reading Spider-Gwen?

It’s the coolest book Marvel publishes, bar none. Jason Latour (the writer) and Robbi Rodriguez (the artist) hit all the right notes and will keep you guessing at every turn. If you’ve never read a comic, this is the one for you. It is everything that’s awesome about comics: heart-wrenching story, great art, weirdness and higher energy than anything else they’re consuming. Also, Gwen is the drummer of a band called the Mary Janes, who rock so hard.

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