Marvel exec finally explains Whedon's alleged Thor 2 rewrite

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Oct 30, 2013

Fans got really curious a few months ago when word broke that Joss Whedon had pitched in some emergency rewrites for Thor: The Dark World, and now Marvel exec Kevin Feige is here to explain what’s actually going on.

Though Dark World director Alan Taylor was quick to praise Whedon’s contribution to the script back when it happened, Feige says the whole ordeal was blown out of proportion. No, Whedon wasn’t called in to “save” the film because it was having issues — he just added a few bits here and there, much as he does on every other Marvel script coming down the pike.

Here’s an excerpt from his interview with

"Some of Alan's comments were taken out of context a bit. Joss [Whedon] is focused one hundred percent -- and has been for the better part of the year -- on Avengers: Age of Ultron. That being the case, we've been keeping him in the loop on all of the Phase Two movies leading up to it, primarily so he can know where all the characters stand when Avengers 2 begins. That being said, thankfully, he is giving us his thoughts on... whether it's early drafts of the movies or early cuts of the movies, and we're squeezing every good idea we can get out of the time he's not working on Avengers.

In the case of Thor: The Dark World, it wasn't any more or less than it's been on any of the other films. There were a few lines of dialogue here and there -- I think in that Loki/Odin scene that we were talking about. [Also] in the scene between Thor and Loki on the Skiff going through Svartalfheim when they're talking about their relationship. Joss helped out [on those scenes], they made it into the movie and are better for it."

Basically, it seems like Whedon used his deep understanding of the characters — and knack for witty banter — to jazz up a few scenes that were falling flat. Considering how well he handled all the players in Avengers, it seems Marvel is smart enough to take advantage of him to help maintain that connective tissue across the spectrum. 

So keep an eye out when this one opens Nov. 8 and see if you can spot Whedon’s lines. 


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