Marvel films will see 'more and more' LGBTQ representation in years ahead, MCU producer says

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Nov 11, 2019, 1:51 PM EST (Updated)

Those working on Marvel’s films have always been a coy group, whether it comes to plot spoilers, upcoming films, or even the prospect of new characters representing various groups that simply don’t have a superhero reflecting their experience. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige recently said that more LGBTQ characters were in the works and/or are already on screen, but now fans have a bit more concrete confirmation to go by.

In an interview with Den of Geek, producer Stephen Broussard (who’s been working on Marvel movies since The Incredible Hulk burst onto the scene) dropped some behind-the-scenes knowledge on the MCU and hinted at what’s to come from the superhero franchise.

Asked about everything from Captain America: The First Avenger’s origins (there was talk of skipping out on a period film entirely and moving straight to modern-day Cap) to the scariest part of making Ant-Man and the Wasp (the mind-swap scene with Paul Rudd and Michelle Pfeiffer he dubbed the “All of Me sequence”), Broussard was forthcoming with his past experience working for the studio — though the most exciting part of the interview was about what’s to come.

Asked about LGBTQ representation in the Marvel universe, Broussard had some reassurances to give. “I know it can be frustrating if you’re part of a group that wants to see more representation and the answer is always ‘stay tuned’,” the producer said. “I can imagine that that’s frustrating — but that is happening behind the scenes, you’re going to be seeing that more and more. Representation across individual groups in the years ahead.”

Adhering to the code of silence that’s long been the MCU’s standard, Broussard at least acknowledges the importance of expanding the scope of its current roster of heroes. When exactly we'll see that representation on screen in the MCU is uncertain, but at least it’s something they’re working on.

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