Marvel infographic breaks down Daredevil’s hellish real-world hospital bill

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Oct 17, 2018, 3:09 PM EDT

Despite his propensity for staying out of police custody (and hospitals) and a suit that keeps improving, Matt Murdock can’t let an hour of TV time go by without incurring the kind of injuries that, just for the ER bill alone, would deter most people from getting back into the fight.

Thankfully, he’s got most of the bases covered when it comes to patching up all the cuts and bruises. For the small stuff, Murdock’s heightened senses help him make short work of stitching up his own wounds, and for bigger scrapes — like his firey showdown with Nobu — he’s had Claire Temple, New York’s own superhero Florence Nightingale. 

But what if Daredevil had been taking the conventional route to convalescence this whole time? What if he’d hit up the ER, the urgent care, and even done the requisite amount of inpatient time at the hospital every time a bandage just wouldn't do? How much would it all cost? 

Have no fear — Marvel’s here with an infographic that has your answer. And the answer, in this case, is, well…a lot.

Daredevil Medical Bill Infographic


If you ask us, that number looks cheap when you consider the almost-nightly diet of CQC that Murdock thrives on. Sure, $100,000 isn’t pocket change — especially for a starving lawyer who seems to make most of his living from in-kind gifts of fresh-baked bread and fruit baskets. But we’re not sure anyone would’ve blinked if Marvel had added another zero to that figure. 

As you can see from the graphic, though, Daredevil’s at least charging his enemies a high rate of injury interest: Through two full seasons, he’s inflicted a theoretical $3.4 million of ouch on Russian mobsters, Yakuza henchmen, and Wilson Fisk enforcers. But hey — at least he lets them live.

With Season 3 just around the corner, the tab’s only going to keep rising. Foggy and Karen get back to tolerating Matt’s double life, while Matt tolerates more bruising and contusing, when Daredevil returns to Netflix on Oct. 19.