Marvel's Warriors of Three Sovereigns

Marvel introduces two new Chinese superheroes titles: Warriors of Three Sovereigns and Cyclone

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May 14, 2018, 6:05 PM EDT (Updated)

As you may have guessed from Avengers: Infinity War’s record-breaking opening in China, there’s a big fanbase eagerly awaiting each new installment of the MCU. There are also Chinese language editions of some popular Marvel superhero titles, including Iron Man and Captain America. But now China is getting its own Marvel superheroes that are written and illustrated by Chinese comic creators.

Via Quartzy, Marvel and NetEase have joined forces for two new comics: Warriors of Three Sovereigns and Cyclone. Warriors of Three Sovereigns follows a new trio of heroes, Lin Lie, Ah Chen, and Ji Shuangshuan, as they discover that they are descendants of Chinese gods who are destined to fight evil forces beyond their comprehension. Lin Lie’s story is the focus in the first issue, as he inherits “a powerful ancient sword to battle an ancient evil being based on Chiyou, a tyrant who ruled China two thousand years ago.”

Marvel's Cyclone

Credit: NetEase/Marvel Comics

Cyclone stars Lei Ling, a young woman who has the ability to control air currents. In her first adventure as a heroine, Cyclone takes on a building that is somehow transformed into a giant golem. In her civilian identity, Lei Ling actually designed the building before it was possessed by a malevolent power. As Cyclone’s story unfolds, she will encounter a warrior named Ke Shangqi, who can control rocks and concrete. The enigmatic Madam Huang will also play a role in this series, and she reportedly has the power to “alter the attributes of things.”

Marvel editors collaborated with NetEase on these titles, and they will be published in the United States at some point in the future. It’s currently unclear how and whether these new titles will interact with the rest of the Marvel Universe, but Iron Man’s helmet was spotted in the first installment of Warriors of Three Sovereigns. Perhaps, if these new heroes catch on, they may even make it into the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well.