Director with the Iron Fists directing an episode of Marvel's Iron Fist

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Jan 29, 2017, 11:00 AM EST

It's looking like Marvel and Netflix's upcoming Iron Fist is going to be nothing to mess with, to butcher a phrase.

In a Facebook Live interview with Extra on Friday, Iron Fist lead and former Game of Thrones star Finn Jones revealed a few tidbits about the series, with the most interesting among them being the the fact that The Man with the Iron Fists director — and member of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan — the RZA will be taking the director's chair for the sixth episode, "Immortal Emerges From Cave."

In the interview, Jones was asked about what kind of music Danny Rand would listen to and revealed that he'd created a playlist with that in mind:

"It's a lot of kind of '90s hip-hop like De La Soul, Jurassic 5, A Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang Clan, that kind of music is really what Danny's jamming to. And we featured that in the series. And actually one of our episodes was directed by the RZA himself, episode 6. So yeah, there's very close ties to hip-hop music and the Iron Fist series."

Previous Marvel Netflix series Luke Cage was also heavily influenced by the musical history of New York City and featured an appearance — and original musical performance — by another Wu-Tang member, Method Man.

Jones praised RZA's vision for his episode and his understanding of the martial arts genre, which should come as no surprise to anyone who saw his previous directorial work. Unconnected to the Marvel series except by serendipitous title similarities, The Man with the Iron Fists was an over-the-top love letter to kung-fu movies written, directed, scored by and starring RZA. It should be interesting to see what parts of that experience he brings to his episode of Iron Fist.

Another notable bit of information to come out of the interview concerned the hero's instantly recognizable green and yellow costume. When asked how he was enjoying wearing the outfit, Jones hesitated to give a direct answer:

"I mean, who says there's going to be a costume, y'know? This is a modern … I can't say anything more, Marvel's going to kill me. There may be a costume; there may not be."

Does this mean fans are going to have to riot to get a disco-collared and bare-chested Iron Fist on the screen, or is Jones just playing coy? The previous Netflix series have definitely toyed with fans' expectations of costumes, with Daredevil waiting until the very end of the first season to don the red horns and Luke Cage and Jessica Jones making cheeky references to their more outlandish comic book looks, so anything is possible. We may even have to wait until Iron Fist returns in The Defenders later this year to see Danny in costume.

Either way, we'll get all the answers on March 17 when the first season of Marvel's Iron Fist drops on Netflix.