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Marvel is bringing Multiple Man back from the dead

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Feb 26, 2018, 5:48 PM EST (Updated)

Jamie Madrox, aka Multiple Man, may be dead — but Marvel Comics is bringing him back anyway. 

Madrox, a mutant with the power to create multiple versions of himself (hence the name), will be getting a new series, according to It will be written by Matthew Rosenberg (New Mutants: Dead Souls), with artwork by Andy MacDonald (Justice League of America). Marcos Martin will be handling the covers. 

Though Madrox died at the start of 2016's Death of X event, nobody ever really stays dead in comics. As Rosenberg tells, "Yeah, Jamie is very dead. He was killed by the Terrigen Mists and all of his dupes died with him." Don't expect this new series to be nothing but dead bodies, however, because Rosenberg goes on to say that the new book will start with someone "finding Jamie very not-dead."

Rosenberg describes him as being "not long for this world," and also that the mystery of why he's still alive will be the backbone of the new story. 

Cover for Multiple Man #1 from Marvel

Courtesy of Marvel

Why bring Multiple Man back in the first place? Rosenberg says that there are plenty of high-minded concepts that he could use to explain the desire, talking about "Jungian archetypes" and the like, but in the end he decides to just go with honesty, saying that he simply raised his hand in a meeting and said, "What if he wasn't dead?" Marvel then asked him to explain how that would work, and the series presented itself.

The big threat that Madrox will be facing will be death itself, but also "a mysterious new team you meet in issue #1 who are coming for him," according to Rosenberg. He won't be alone, thankfully, as Rosenberg also says that he'll have some help from "some other X-Factor folks." As he recently used them in his recent New Mutants series, he didn't have to ask for permission. Layla Miller (Madrox's wife) will not appear. 

For a character whose powers give his stories a great deal of potential, many different genres can be explored. Multiple genre shifts (from comedy, to horror, to superhero, etc.) greatly benefit Mutiple Man, and that's something that Rosenberg is shooting for. Will it be funny? Most likely, as Rosenberg also describes the series as "the most absurd thing" he's ever written. 

Sounds crazy, and we are there for it. We may soon be getting multiple versions of Multiple Man too— the character is currently being developed for a film by James Franco and Simon Kinberg. The film may never materialize, but Multiple Man #1 will certainly hit the stands in July, and we may buy multiple copies of it. Will you? Leave multiple comments below to let us know!

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