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Marvel is sending Wolverine to slash up the world of scripted podcasts

May 4, 2020, 1:50 PM EDT (Updated)

Scripted narrative podcasts have skyrocketed in popularity during this past year, and now Marvel is looking to get in on the action. Marvel New Media, together with Stitcher, announced today that they are launching their first foray into this ever-expanding world of entertainment, and it will focus on none other than X-Men legend Wolverine. 

Titled Wolverine: The Long Night, this first scripted podcast from Marvel will feature the heavyweight vocal talents of Richard Armitage (The Hobbit), Scott Adsit (30 Rock), Bob Balaban (Moonrise Kingdom, Waiting for Guffman), Brian Stokes Mitchell (Mr. Robot, Frasier), and Ato Essandoh (Django Unchained, Jason Bourne). Armitage — Thorin Oakenshield himself — will be taking on the titular character, which seems like a perfect fit. 

The series will run for 10 episodes, and will launch exclusively on Stitcher Premium in spring of 2018. When fall of 2018 comes around, the series will have an expanded release. As for the story, Marvel provided this synopsis: 

"The Wolverine: The Long Night story is a captivating hybrid of mystery and the larger-scale fantasy of the Marvel Universe. It follows agents Sally Pierce (Celia Keenan-Bolger) and Tad Marshall (Ato Essandoh) as they arrive in the fictional town of Burns, Alaska, to investigate a series of murders and quickly discover the town lives in fear of a serial killer. The agents team up with deputy Bobby Reid (Andrew Keenan-Bolger) to investigate their main suspect, Logan (Richard Armitage). Their search leads them on a fox hunt through the mysterious and corrupt town."

Sounds a little bit like a more awesome version of Serial, possibly. Also, Wolverine is suspected of being a murderer? Must be Tuesday. 

In an effort to bring a truly immersive aural experience to listeners, Marvel will record certain scenes in the outdoors. No longer relegated to just a studio, recording will take place in actual forests and the like, which is something that is rarely done in the podcasting world. The actors will also be able to move and interact with each other like never before. 


Dan Silver, vice president and head of platforms and content for Marvel New Media, echoed that sentiment, saying in a statement that “Wolverine: The Long Night brings our fans a whole new way to experience our iconic characters and the Marvel Universe. This tremendous cast will bring a thrilling level of intrigue and drama to our listeners.”

Erik Diehn, CEO of Midroll Media (parent company of Stitcher) added, “The arrival of Wolverine and his many fans to podcasts and Stitcher is truly a signal that this medium is a major part of the American media landscape.”

Comic mainstay Ben Percy (The Wilding, Red Moon) will be writing all 10 episodes, and Brendan Baker (Radiotopia's Love & Radio) will direct. There will also be a cameo from the host of the Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People podcast, Chris Gethard. Check out the podcast's website for more information.

Are you excited to have Wolverine slash through your tangled earbuds with his adamantium claws? Let us know in the comments.