Marvel just called Vin Diesel to set up a meeting: Let the speculation begin!

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Jun 27, 2013, 10:08 AM EDT

He’s already played an ass-kicking alien in the Riddick franchise, but it sounds like Vin Diesel could be putting on a cape as a Marvel superhero (or villain) in Phase III.

The actor, who does a great job keeping in touch with fans via social media, has dropped a bombshell via Facebook that has everyone wondering what the heck is going on:

“P.s. Marvel has requested a meeting... no idea what for... haha, you probably know better than me...”

Considering that the guy’s an actor, it stands to reason that Marvel wants to talk with him about a potential role. But that’s where it gets tough: With so many movies in the works, there are several options for which he might be approached to play.

A fun fan guess is Thanos, the (likely) major villain of a future Avengers film, but it could be anything from Ant-Man to Doctor Strange. Diesel is a bankable action star and has proven he has the chops to play in the genre, so it’ll be interesting to see how this pans out.

Why do you think Marvel is seeking out Diesel? Who would you like him to play?

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