Marvel just gave Guardians' James Gunn one of the coolest birthday presents ever

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Aug 11, 2014, 1:32 PM EDT (Updated)

So, what does Marvel give the director who just made Guardians of the Galaxy a household name for his birthday?

With Guardians of the Galaxy’s insanely good box-office opening, director James Gunn has gone from cult fave to bona-fide blockbuster status in a matter of weeks. He also celebrated his 44th birthday on Aug. 5, and the folks at Marvel had a very special gift to commemorate the moment.

Considering Gunn’s role in establishing the galactic side of Marvel’s cinematic universe, it's only fitting that Marvel gives him a bona-fide (replica) Infinity Stone to keep on his desk/take over the universe. Along with the prop, which is the same stone Thanos was gunning for in the film, they also included a cheeky Peter Quill quote to go along with it.

C'mon Marvel, my birthday is coming up soon ...

Guardians of the Galaxy was fantastic, and we’re psyched that Gunn will be sticking around for the sequel. Heck, if he hangs around long enough, he might just give Josh Brolin's Thanos a run for his money in the quest for the Infinity Gauntlet.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)