Marvel just released a handy guide to that massive Deadpool wedding cover

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Jan 6, 2014, 11:40 AM EST

Marvel just announced its latest superhero wedding with a massive, hero-packed comics cover, and now they've given us all a guide to everyone in it.

Late last week, the publisher revealed that its latest teaser for a superhero wedding would indeed be the marriage of Deadpool to an as-yet-unidentified bride. They also released the above image, a wraparound cover by artist Scott Koblish for April's Deadpool #27. It's an illustration that's positively packed with heroes, and while readers at all stages of comic-book knowledge might recognize mainstays like Captain America, Cable, She-Hulk, Luke Cage and Wolverine, some people simply won't have instant recall of the nearly 250 heroes (yes, really) in this image. So, to help everyone out, Marvel produced a handy guide.

Last Friday, Marvel released an un-colored image of the Koblish cover, with numbers over each hero's image, along with a numbered list of each hero to help you figure out who's the Collective Man, who's Madrox the Multiple Man and who's 3-D Man, among many, many other characters with varying levels of obscurity. 

To see a larger version of the guide image, head over to Marvel's website

So, if your comics-reading life wasn't busy enough already, you could spend the next few months poring over this cover and learning the histories of every single character on it, as well as how they connect to the Merc with a Mouth and why they'd bother showing up at his wedding. Or you could just go check out the full list of 236 characters and leave it at that. 

(Via Marvel)