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Marvel launches new Jessica Jones comic, first since creator Bendis' exit

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Jul 18, 2018, 3:18 PM EDT

Good news, Jessica Jones fans. In the wake of co-creator Brian Michael Bendis leaving Marvel to join DC, Marvel is kicking off a new ongoing comic for the tough-as-nails, strong-as-hell private investigator with three double-sized issues.

In Jessica Jones #1, by writer Kelly Thompson and artist Mattia De lulis, Jessica’s finally gotten her life together. She’s married to Luke Cage, they have a beautiful daughter, and Killgrave, aka the Purple Man, is finally out of their lives for good. But while Killgrave may be gone, Jessica’s troubles are not. And when a woman whose case Jessica fumbled winds up dead on her office floor, she goes from private investigator to prime suspect. So, to protect her new life and clear her name, Jessica must take on a new case and find the real killer.

Jessica Jones 1

Marvel Comics

“We’ll be seeing classic Jessica Jones P.I., my favorite kind of Jessica,” said Thompson in a statement. “She’s obviously still going to punch things (and fly…badly) when opportunities present themselves—and they do that quite a bit—but at her core she’s the most exciting to me in her classic noir setting working as an investigator.” 

De lulis added: “Jessica faces her biggest enemy: guilt. She has to deal once more with a past that already caused her a huge pain, and it’s haunting her.”

The first issue is available via Comixology or Marvel's Digital Store. Issue #2 will be available on August 29, while issue #3 goes on sale on September 26. This three-issue arc, Jessica Jones: Blind Spot, will also be available in print on October 31. The run will anchor part of Marvel's new digital exclusives line.

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