Marvel might be pulling the plug on Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man

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Jan 20, 2015, 2:26 PM EST (Updated)

The folks at Marvel keep a lot of comics rolling out, but the offshoot Ultimate universe has been getting smaller and smaller in recent years. Now it might be gone for good.

The Ultimate Marvel imprint started in 2000 as a way to reintroduce characters in new and exciting ways, without the decades of baggage from established continuity. We got different versions of characters, major deaths and different versions of iconic heroes and concepts. For those keeping track, it’s set in Earth-1610 in the Marvel Multiverse.

One of the most successful Ultimate comics was easily Brian Michael Bendis’ character Miles Morales, a young man who is bitten by an experimental spider and takes over as Spider-Man following Peter Parker’s death. Miles Morales has been one of the most enduring characters in the imprint’s young run, but it seems even the mighty Spider-Man can’t keep it going forever.

Marvel has already axed every other Ultimate comic, with Ultimate FF ending in 2014, while the stellar All-New Ultimates wrapped up with a final issue a few weeks ago. The last book left standing? Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man, though a new solicitation from Marvel makes it sound like it could be on the way out soon.

The solicitations for the 12th issue in the run, shipping in April, is billed as “The Epic Conclusion,” bearing a tagline that asks “Is this the end?” Considering Marvel has axed every other Ultimate book, and sales aren't great, odds point to yes. But that doesn’t mean it’ll be the end of Miles.

Morales has already had a recent cameo in All-New X-Men, and it stands to reason the comic company would find a way to keep the most popular (and well-known) character around. The upcoming Secret Wars event could present a great way to incorporate Miles into the main Marvel universe, or heck, maybe the company will just revamp the whole Ultimate line (again).

Regardless, we hope Marvel will find a way to keep Miles Morales in the fold. He’s grown into a great character, and is arguably just as compelling (if not more so) than the Peter Parker stories the company keeps churning out.

What do you think the company is planning for the Ultimate line? Would you like to see the adventures of Miles Morales continue, or is it time to let it go?

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