Who are Marvel's New Warriors?

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Apr 5, 2017

The next Marvel TV series, and their first comedy series, is New Warriors, coming to Freeform (formerly known as ABC Family), though probably not until sometime late 2018. It’s been ordered straight to series, so we’ll definitely see it eventually.

So far not much is known about who will actually be on the show, only Squirrel Girl (who hasn't actually ever been a member of this team in comics, appearing instead as a member on the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon), a character Marvel Entertainment has been actively trying to bring to live action for a while.

But just who are the New Warriors? Who are the main members of the team, and who else might we see on the show? Here's a rundown for fans excited for Marvel's next, next, next TV series.


The Basics

The New Warriors is a superhero team created by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz in the pages of The Mighty Thor at the tail end of 1989. Meant to capitalize on the success of New Mutants and X-Force in the X-Men line, the New Warriors were offered up as the Avengers equivalent. In fact, after DeFalco created the team, bringing together Firestar, Speedball, Nova, Namorita, Marvel Boy and newcomer Night Thrasher, he even passed it on to New Mutants and X-Force writer Fabian Niceza, with artist Mark Bagley, to write the successful first volume.

So what characters might we see? Let's run down through the line-ups.



One of the founding members of the team, Robbie Baldwin has the power to generate balls of energy as a forcefield, using it to bounce around. He's basically a lock for this show, as his usually optimistic and, uh, bouncy personality and his visually fun powers are perfect for a comedy series. Count on meeting Speedball on TV soon.



Richard Rider was the original Nova in the pages of Marvel Comics (and New Warriors), with Sam Alexander serving as the New Warriors' Nova in the latest incarnation of the team. It would be a (pleasant) surprise to see either of them (much more likely Sam) in this series, though. The Nova Corps showed up, in a fashion, in Guardians of the Galaxy in the MCU already, but with a very altered power/skill set. We'll call this one a long shot, and again, if it's either, it's more likely to be Sam, who incidentally was co-created by Jeph Loeb … the current head of Marvel TV (and named after his deceased son, who died after battling cancer).



Firestar is technically a mutant, born with the X-gene that activated at puberty to give her abilities basically identical to the Human Torch. However, she's been so intrinsically connected to the New Warriors and the Avengers that she may skirt that strange line of where her rights could belong to Marvel and/or Fox for live-action. To make things more confusing, she was created for TV first, on the animated Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, before ever coming to comics ... where she debuted in an X-Men book. So yeah, her rights are confusing, but she could still potentially appear. She's a powerhouse and also a frequent romantic pairing for a few of the characters, so she'd be good to use (though the legal complications may keep her out).



Daughter of Namora and second-cousin to Namor, Prince of Atlantis, Namorita was technically a clone of her mother. Her hybrid nature gave her the abilities of her mother and cousin, including strength, the ability to live underwater, super-sight and ankle-wings that allowed her to fly. Marvel got the rights back to Namor and his off-shoots for live-action use in summer 2016, and this is a no-brainer to introduce the concept of the Atlanteans to the MCU. She's also been a leader of the team. Count her in.


Marvel Boy / Justice

Vance Astrovik is another weird one, as he's also technically a mutant but has almost always been with the New Warriors and Avengers (and was created in Defenders), so he's probably available. Often romantically linked to Firestar, he was also a member of the original Guardians of the Galaxy thanks to time-travel (he had a cool costume and Captain America's shield in the future, and it was awesome). His telekinesis is a movie/TV show favorite power, his links to other characters in the MCU are handy, and he's been a member of almost every version of the New Warriors. Count him in, too.


Night Thrasher

The founder of the New Warriors that brought the rest of the original team together, this is basically the Batman of the team. Dwayne Taylor was the original, using his martial arts and technological prowess (I told you) to lead the team of powered individuals (seriously, he's basically Batman), whose wealthy parents were killed in front of him as a kid, driving him to vigilantism – seriously, he's basically Batman. He eventually retired, died and was resurrected (comics!), and his brother Donyell has also been Night Thrasher.



The first added member of the team, yup, she's also technically a mutant, and she's the adoptive sister of Night Thrasher. Her powers are linked to Darkforce, the same energy that powers Cloak, another hero coming soon to Freeform. As she's not exactly the most light-hearted of characters, it's hard to see how she’d be a full-time member of a comedy-based team. She did, however, become one of the earliest examples of a disabled hero, using special crutches and leg braces to continue the fight after being crippled.



Chris Powell is a fan-favorite character, powered by a cosmic amulet and linked to all sorts of cosmic teams and events as well as most young teams (including the New Warriors and Runaways) throughout his career. The cosmic power is a nice touch, but as far as a fit for a comedy, well, probably not. Fans would probably rather see him show up in the big-screen Marvel Cosmic films anyway.



A bruiser-style character, very much the New Warriors 'Hulk,' Rage has a good, old-fashioned, exposed-to-toxic-chemicals origin story. Often shown as an activist character and, again, being a great street-level super-powered bruiser, he could certainly work on this team and show.



Another cosmically-powered character, thanks to her suit, Michiko 'Mickey' Musashi would be a better fit for the show than Darkhawk. She has that cosmic link, she's an Asian American character (something superhero adaptations desperately need), and she's actually more interested in using her abilities for fun before ever being a hero with them. This would be an inspired choice. (Yes, there's a male Turbo too, but nobody cares about him.)



Tandy Bowen is tied up on the other Freeform Marvel TV show, the eponymous Cloak and Dagger. Her link to this team, however, could be used for a potential crossover between the two series, despite their tonal (half-hour comedy vs hour-long drama) differences.



One of the newest New Warriors, Zachary Smith, Jr. was not around for long (dying within about six months of his first appearance), but his ability to communicate with germs and viruses is comedy gold. "Achoo!" "Oh, that’s just a cute little bug saying hello to you from the inside!" This would be a weird, off-the-wall pick, which makes it perfect. Plus, you'd then have one character talking to squirrels and another talking to viruses. Make this happen, Marvel TV.



Another telekinetic, her powers may be a bit redundant with Justice (hers is a bit different, anyway, attracting smaller objects to her in a debris field - pun name alert!), but her personality – constantly antagonizing her teammates – may make her a worthwhile member of the team. Deborah Fields has worked with Justice and Rage on more than one team, she'd be one of the most recent characters if added to the mix.


The Weird Ex-Mutant Volume 4 Team

Look, don't expect any of these characters on the show. While Marvel and Fox are playing nice for TV now, with Marvel TV involved heavily in Legion and the other upcoming X-Men TV show, seeing ex-mutants on a show like this isn't going to happen. This team was formed almost entirely of de-powered mutants post M-Day, using (mostly stolen villain) tech to create new powers for themselves.


Scarlet Spider

More than one Scarlet Spider has been a member of the New Warriors in various incarnations, but Ben Reilly and Kaine, both clones of Peter Parker, would be extremely hard to bring to a TV show run by Marvel TV that's already dealing with weird rights issues thanks to roughly half the team members having mutant origins at one point or another. While this would be a major coup, don't count on it happening.


Amadeus Cho

While he's never been a member of the team in the comics (where he's currently the Hulk … it's complicated), Cho was a member of the New Warriors on Ultimate Spider-Man alongside Squirrel Girl. His extreme intelligence could very easily make him the 'Iron Man' of the team, and the fact that he's constantly thinking so very far above everyone else, mixed with his lovable and amiable attitude, could make him a nice fit for the show. Having two recognizable characters going from animation to live-action would make a lot of sense for Marvel TV, as well.

Time will tell which of these many characters (and other, more obscure members) will make it to the small screen as New Warriors continues to develop.

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