Marvel not backing down from Batman vs. Superman release date battle

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Mar 13, 2014

Warner Bros. made waves when they bumped the release date of Batman vs. Superman right into Marvel territory, but it sounds like the house that Iron Man built is ready to go toe to toe.

Marvel has dominated the early summer by releasing comic-book tentpoles in early May, but Warner Bros. and DC decided to take a shot across the bow with Batman vs. Superman, setting it up on May 6, 2016. But Marvel already has an unnamed future film penciled in for that weekend. 

So does Marvel plan to back down and shift their film to another date? According to Marvel exec Kevin Feige, it ain’t going to happen. He told /Film: “We’re certainly keeping the date there and we’ll announce what that movie is, I assume, in the next few months.” Basically, Marvel’s owned that weekend for years, and they have no intention of backing off.

In layman’s terms: Get ready for DC and Marvel to face off at the box office in 2016 with two should-be blockbusters, in what could make for one of the biggest weekends in modern history. We still don’t know which Marvel film will fill the date, though odds point to Captain America 3, Thor 3 or Doctor Strange. Any of the three would be a high-profile release, although whether they'd be able to topple big names like Batman and Superman is a tough call.

As for when we’ll find out the identity of the Marvel movie, Feige said he’d “love nothing more” than to announce it at Comic-Com, though the announcement could potentially come sooner or a bit later. But, considering the fact that they’ll be duking it out with two of DC’s heavyweights, we’d almost guarantee they’ll use the massive platform of Comic-Con to drop this bombshell with some extra buzz.

The other, obvious question that comes from this: Could two massive comic-book movies actually succeed by opening on the same weekend? You’d have to think it’d cannibalize the numbers, but if both are high-profile enough, it could still work. Maybe. What do you think? Also, who do you think will win?

(Via /Film)

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