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Marvel and the NY Jets collaborating on upcoming Hulk vs. Thor comic

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Aug 21, 2018

The mean green fighting machine that is the Hulk just recently squared off against the ultimate Viking warrior in Thor: Ragnarok, but Marvel isn’t stopping the rivalry there. They’re taking it to the one place comic book nerds would obviously want to see this fight go: professional sports. In an upcoming collaboration between the NY Jets and Marvel, the two heroes will fight in a new comic.

OK, so it sounds a little crazy. But according to a release, this team-up came about because of a “Green Out” event in October when the Minnesota Vikings play the Jets. The Jets are green, the Vikings are, well, Thor-adjacent. So to celebrate this (bit of a stretched) parallel, the two companies are releasing a 16-page Hulk vs. Thor comic book written by Fabian Nicieza.

At the game itself, on Oct. 21, the first 15,000 fans to the game will get a limited-edition Hulk bobblehead and a poster version of the comic’s cover — not to mention the surreal experience of watching a football game where everything is comic book-themed.

Marvel x Jets

Source: Marvel

And that’s not even the only comic collaboration between the two unlikely partners. Leading up to the Oct. 14 game between the Jets and the Indianapolis Colts, the pair will release an eight-page digital comic celebrating the 50th anniversary of Super Bowl III. Serialized into four chapters, the first segment will drop on Oct. 10 via the Jets’ web presence. Will this partnership finally end the age-old nerd vs. jock divide? We'll have to see.

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