Marvel offering online access to more than 15,000 comics for less than $1

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Jun 25, 2015, 3:30 PM EDT (Updated)

Better clear your calendar for a month-long carnival of digital comics as Marvel announces its 99-cent access to a treasure chest of Marvel Unlimited online content, made up of more than 15,000 comics. For one week only, in honor of the annual San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel gives up the keys to the kingdom for the price of a Snickers bar, with access to its deep archive of modern and classic titles from its entire universe.  

All comics can be viewed on a Mac or PC and any iOS and Android device after installing a Marvel Unlimited app. Rabid readers may download up to 12 comics at a time for extended offline personal reading for a whole month.

Access also includes samplings from their new experimental line of Infinite Comics, which are infused with dynamic sound cues as you page through the story. New titles are absorbed into the Marvel Unlimited vault following a six-month publication period and includes most books making up the current Marvel Now! launch.

So if you think 99 pennies is a sweet deal for a dumptruck-load of digital comics, head over to Marvel and sign yourself up!

(Via Wired)

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