Marvel at the old-school FX magic in these Blade Runner miniature images

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Mar 17, 2015, 7:14 PM EDT (Updated)

With Harrison Ford signed on for Blade Runner 2, it appears we'll be getting that sequel we've all been whining about for decades.  But will it respect the essence of its acclaimed predecessor and use practical effects, or be crammed with a brash blizzard of CGI?  In honor of Ridely Scott's highly influential original from 1982, let's launch back to the early '80s and grab a dose of the old Blade Runner magic inside the world of the production's California model shop.  

Its ambitious crew of sculptors, fabricators, painters and craftsmen created the hands-on practical effects necessary to transport us to the rain-slicked, neon nightmare of futuristic urban blight in 2019 Los Angeles.   The effects team drew upon the design concepts of futurist Syd Mead while conjuring up an incredible array of sci-fi vehicles, illuminated cityscape sets and off-world shuttles, all under the expert supervision of chief model maker Mark Stetson.  Behold the beauty and intricacy of some of their finest handiwork with this vintage Imgur gallery of 142 behind-the-scenes images featuring Deckard's spinner, police pursuit cruisers, hovering billboard ships and the fire-belching Hades Landscape and its majestic Tyrell Corporation pyramid.  The good old days still captivate!

(Via Collider)