Marvel really did contact Sony about a Spider-Man crossover with The Avengers

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Jun 25, 2015, 3:30 PM EDT (Updated)

There have been rumors that Sony could be open to connecting Spider-Man to Marvel’s uber-successful Avengers franchise, and now we have confirmation those discussions have definitely taken place.

The massive data leak at Sony has revealed all kinds of crazy stuff, but this tidbit might be one of the biggest. According to The Wall Street Journal, emails included in the leak confirm “extensive discussions” between executives at Sony and Disney (which owns Marvel) that reach all the way to the CEO level.

An Oct. 30 email from Sony Pictures president Doug Belgrad to Sony motion picture chief Amy Pascal discussed a potential deal that would allow Marvel to produce a new trilogy of Spider-Man films, with Sony retaining “creative control, marketing and distribution” throughout. Another email had Pascal telling a colleague that Marvel inquired about including Spider-Man in the upcoming Captain America sequel Civil War. Considering he plays a critical role in the comic version of that arc, it makes sense.

Sadly, it seems the negotiations eventually fell apart and Sony has doubled down on its convoluted plan to eventually produce anything from another Spider-Man sequel to a Sinister Six spinoff, a female-led super-spinoff, a Venom film and who knows what else. The emails also note that an animated feature from Chris Miller and Phil Lord (The LEGO Movie) is apparently in development. Which could be neat, maybe.

This is, just, wow. Wow. Rumors are one thing, but it’s fascinating to think that, as recently as two months ago, this could’ve actually been a real thing discussed at the highest levels. Considering Amazing Spider-Man 2’s mediocre reviews and so-so box office performance, you have to wonder why Sony didn’t work harder to close this deal. Aside from the obvious fact that Marvel would probably make better Spidey movies, the fan goodwill and buzz this would’ve bought for the beleaguered franchise could’ve been huge.

There’s more than enough room in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for Spider-Man, and with Sony keeping marketing and distribution as part of the would-be deal, they’d still have made a ton of money. Plus, tying him into Civil War would’ve been a great way to jump off to a new set of Spider-Man films. Better to split the take on a successful movie with Marvel than make a bomb all on your own, right? 

Do you wish this deal would’ve eventually closed? Do you hope there’s still a chance they could work this one out in the end?

(Via Wall Street Journal)

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