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Lil' Logans: Here are the Marvel-related baby names on the Top 1000 list

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May 25, 2018

There's no doubt that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has dominated theaters over the last few years. In 2017 alone, there were three MCU films released. So maybe it's not too surprising that Marvel-related baby names are pretty popular.

Star Wars-related names saw a dramatic rise after the original film hit theaters in 1977, so it makes sense that the cultural domination of Marvel would carry through to baby names. We aren't seeing a bunch of Thors and Hulks running around playgrounds (yet), but, per Metro, there are some familiar names on the United States Social Security Administration's list of Top 1000 baby names of 2017.

Many familiar Marvel names are also pretty generic, so maybe it's not super surprising that there were 15,077 Logans born in 2017 (most were boys, but Logan made the girls' list, too). It was, in fact, the fifth most popular boy's name. Can those all be attributed to Wolverine? Probably not, but one can hope.

Parker is another popular name — 4,346 boys and 1,487 girls were christened that in 2017. The name is more popular than Peter, which was given 1,777 times.

Since Deadpool is probably fresh in your mind, imagine naming your kid after him. The name Wade was given 899 times in 2017. Black Widow herself made the list too, with 355 Natashas being born.

And, as Metro points out, a few other, less traditional Marvel names had much smaller numbers, including Pepper (128), Loki (96), and Valkerie (63), and even the name Marvel was given 50 times. But don't worry, even MlA Clint Barton — whose absence from Infinity War's pre-release blitz (and, it turned out, from the movie itself) left fans buzzing — got a shout-out, with six kids named Hawkeye in 2017.

What Marvel-inspired name would you give your child? We call dibs on Groot.

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