X-Men Gold #30

Marvel reveals its long-awaited X-Men wedding comes with massive twist

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Jun 19, 2018, 4:43 PM EDT (Updated)

This Wednesday's X-Men Gold #30 is set to feature a long-awaited wedding between two of Marvel's most beloved mutant characters, but because this is the world of Marvel Comics, things are not going to go the way anyone expected. Now, ahead of the issue's release, Marvel has revealed just how big its wedding twist really is.

**Spoiler Warning: There are spoilers for X-Men Gold #30 below**

X-Men Gold #30

Six months ago, Kitty Pryde proposed to Piotr Rasputin (aka Colossus) in the pages of X-Men Gold, after he nearly died and she realized she couldn't bear the thought of not having him in her life. Since then, through the "'Til Death Do Us Part" storyline, we've seen the comic build to their marriage, complete with flashbacks on their lives that led to this moment. Then, in X-Men Gold #30, everything is set for the big moment... and it doesn't happen.

Speaking to The New York TimesX-Men Gold writer Marc Guggenheim revealed that Kitty, after a long talk with her best friend and Piotr's sister Illyana (aka Magik), decides not to go through with the wedding. You'll have to read the full issue tomorrow to get every detail, but after looking back on their lives together, Kitty gets cold feet. That doesn't mean a wedding doesn't happen, though.

You see, while the bride and groom don't manage to complete the ceremony, all the trappings of the wedding are still there, and so are all of Kitty and Piotr's X-friends. Amid those romantic surroundings, Gambit is inspired to suddenly propose to Rogue, and they finally get hitched instead. According to Guggenheim, the big twist grew out of a Marvel creative summit last year.

“Comics, like TV and film, is a very collaborative medium. These are not my characters, they are Marvel’s,” Guggenheim said. “Part of writing other people’s characters in a shared universe are other ideas are going to end up supplanting yours. My job as a writer is to take those marching orders and write the best issue I can.”

So, why is Marvel choosing to spoil this today in The New York Times rather than letting everyone find out in X-Men Gold on Wednesday? It might be because Gambit and Rogue's surprise marriage brings with it some pubishing news: Next month, the pair will begin starring in a new series, Mr. and Mrs. X, written by Rogue & Gambit writer Kelly Thompson, with art by Oscar Bazaldua (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story).

Mr. and Mrs. X will kick off with a bit of a flashback, revealing more details of Rogue and Gambit's wedding that you didn't see in X-Men Gold #30, before sending the pair off for a "honeymoon in space." Thompson, no stranger to these characters, admits that she wasn't entirely sure about the idea when it first came up.

“Marvel likes to keep things interesting and throwing the wrench into things,” she said. “I think I was resistant to it initially, but that’s my mistake. It creates all this great conflict and intrigue.”

As for Kitty and Piotr, Marvel's not spoiling their post-wedding states of mind, but Guggenheim teased that upcoming X-Men Gold issues will "deal with the ramifications" for the future of their relationship.

X-Men Gold #30 is on sale Wednesday.